Passive and active devices


Value range: 1.0 Ohm to 50 Megaohm
Absolute tolerance: 20% + or -
Ratio tolerance: 0.1% ( trimmed), 1% - 5% ( untrimmed)

Value range: 0.1pF to 1nF
Absolute tolerance: 20% + or -
Ratio tolerance: 0.1%

Value range: 10pH to 100nH ( on chip)
Absolute tolerance: 20% + or -
Ratio tolerance: 5%
Self resonant frequency: > 1.0 Ghz
Bond wire inductor: ~ 1nH mil ( typical)

Amplitude Balance in dB range: 0.02 to 20.20
Phase balance in degrees: 0.1 to 88 Degrees.
Frequency range: > 1 Ghz
Insertion losses ( dB): -14.0 to -2.5 ( unmatched)

Transformer: ( Typical parameters)
Primary inductance Lp range: 0.36nH - 8.0nH
Secondary inductance Ls range: 7.0nH - 10.0nH
Coupling factor Km: 0.65 - 0.85
Parasitic primary capacitance: 350fF - 400fF
Parasitic secondary capacitance: 320fF - 450fF
Winding resistances: 10 Ohm - 50 Ohm.

Polysilicon fusing current: 10mA for 100ms
Unfused resistance: 35 ohm per square ( can be designed up to megaohms)
Fused resistance: Megaohms.

pn junction diodes:
Breakdown voltages: 5.0 - 200V
Maximum current capacity: 20Amps ( typical)

Zener diodes:
Typical Vz: 5.0 - 7.0 Volts
Currents: 1mA - 1 Amp
Vz can be tailored to some extent for different breakdowns.

npn transistors:
Current gain range: 50 - 300
ft ( transition frequency) range: 100 Mhz to 300 Ghz.
BVCEO range: 3.0 - 200V

pnp transistors:
Current gain range: 2- 100
ft transition frequency range: 1 Mhz - 500 Mhz
BVCEO range: 3.0V to 200V

Transconductance range: 10 - 300 uA/V*2
Current capability: up to 20A or more
Drain breakdown voltage: 5.0V - 500V
gm transition frequency range: 10 Mhz to 75 Ghz
Types of MOSFETS: Enhancement, Depletion, Intrinsic ( 0.0 V threshold), NMOS, PMOS

DMOS transistors:
Transconductance range: 20 - 100 uA/V*2
Current capability range: 0.1mA - 100mA ( typical)
Drain breakdown voltages: up to 600V or more.
gm transition frequency: < 100 Mhz ( typically)

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Functional blocks

Amplifiers: ( Opamps, RF amps, variable gain amps, power amps)


Voltage references

Voltage regulators

Power management circuits

LED drivers

SMPS circuits

A/D converters

D/A Converters

Mixers ( including image reject)

Frequency multipliers

Modulators/ Demodulators

Low noise amplifiers ( LNA)

Active and passive filters

Digital logic blocks ( NOR, NAND, Flip-Flops primitives)

Digital blocks ( uP, uC, Memories, EEPROM, RAM, ROM )

I2C, Serial, USB, RS232, R485, interface circuits

High speed digital equalizer circuits

Analog switches of various kinds

Radio receivers

Radio transmitters

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Note: Specific performance ranges have not been specified above for functional blocks since the range is almost infinite. It is best to contact SPG for these types of specifications.

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