VSWR, refelection coeffcients, s11, etc

The basic quantities such as VSWR, return loss, reflection coefficients, s11 and s22 etc are all basic to design. Their interactions and relationships are also basic and a brief note to document these relationships can be both informative and useful. There are numerous descriptions of these individually on the web. We prefer to publish the note in our website at www.signalpro.biz>engineering pages>engineer’s corner for interested parties.

The relationship of Tf ( forward transit time) and ft in a bipolar transistor model

Someone recently asked how the ft of a bipolar is related to tf, the forward transit time of the bipolar. The tf is a model parameter while ft is not. Yet we always talk about the ft of the transistor. The answer to this question can be found in the spg website ( www.signalpro.biz) under engineering pages>engineer’s corner for interested parties.