FCC regulations for unlicensed transmitters

What does the term unlicensed transmitter actually imply? What is it that one can do with this frequency band/bands? In fact, to start a wireless system design in the unlicensed band this has to be the first step in the design. To understand this more fully we took a look at the FCC website. It is a vast website and in spite of a search engine it still takes a bit of doing to locate the relevant articles, regulations, rulings, tips etc. We did manage to locate a couple of papers which we believe are helpful for people who may want to understand this concept of the unlicensed frequency band in the US. These can be accessed through our website at www.signalpro.biz ( or, of course, through the FCC website!). Go to engineering_pages>engineer’s corner and look for the unlicensed frequency band information. By the way, there are always updates to these, so it is a good idea to also check on the updates.