Equivalency of series and parallel form of circuits

It is well known that series and parallel forms of circuits are equivalent. This can be shown by and used by doing a correct conversion between the two forms. An earlier post showed this with a number of circuits but omitted the details of how the conversion could be done. This post corrects for that deficiency. Interested readers are directed to our website at http://www.signalpro.biz. Please select the article from the list in the “Free Reports..” section.


Rf Amplifier, chip, modules, schematics, gds2 ( for chip)

RF amplifiers are available at Signal Processing Group Inc., in multiple forms and performance extending to 4 Ghz. A simple example is described below.. A chip ( as shown below in a product brief), modules mounted on a PCB substrate, schematics and layout databases which can be used in other larger designs.

Please contact us at spg@signalpro.biz for further information about our RF amplifiers, pricing and availability.

Frequency divider module

A useful module has been released for sale by Signal Processing Group Inc., This module is a high frequency divider. The input is a high frequency signal. The minimum input frequency is 500 Mhz. The output is a divided down frequency. The divider has programmable divide ratios of 8, 16, 32 and 64. In addition modules with fixed divide ratio are also available.The supply voltage is 3.3V. The supply current is 2.0mA. The inputs can be differential or single ended. The output of the device is buffered and is single ended. The current drive for both high and low output is 24 mA typical. The maximum output frequency ( after division) cannot exceed 200 Mhz. For interested parties we can be contacted at spg@signalpro.biz. Our website is located at http://www.signalpro,biz

We design and deliver analog and RF/wireless ASICs and modules using state of the art semiconductor, PCB and assembly technologies. Please contact us at spg@signalpro.biz for a quote and a proposal.