A wideband rf amplifier module from SPG

A RF amplifier module designed and assembled by Signal Processing Group Inc. has been released for acquisition by interested parties. This module consists of a wideband (> 1Ghz ) amplifier chip with its supporting external components and SMA I/O. It can be used for multiple purposes from test to design of more complex systems. The gain is 20 dB, with 50 Ohm input and output impedances. Obviously a number of these modules can be cascaded to provide higher gains in mulltiples of 20  dB. The power supply is 3.3V. Further details are available from SPG by contacting us through our website located at http://www.signalpro.biz or by directly contacting us on ( email) spg@signalpro.biz.

A wideband RF amplifier, available for purchase from Signal Processing Group Inc.

A wideband RF amplifier

We design and deliver analog and RF/wireless ASICs and modules using state of the art semiconductor, PCB and assembly technologies. Please contact us at spg@signalpro.biz for a quote and a proposal.

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