Analog and mixed signal chip/asic markets: A 2012 snapshot

This is not about engineering. Its about an equally interesting and relevant subject. A team from SPG took a look at what the various marketing and sales gurus are saying about the analog chip, and analog asic and mixed signal,market. A number of summaries(with credit to the references) has been included in the engineer’s corner in the SPG website at Interested readers are welcome to read it. Any comments would be very welcome, especially as marketing and sales numbers can be somewhat confusing and “flexible”. Some backbone could be inserted by readers who are in the forefront of the fray. Any comments will of course be available right here in the blog. Thanks in advance to those who send in their own comments and numbers so all of us can benefit. For more detail please access the detailed market reports ( at a serious cost by the way from the research companies)from the websites of the various references quoted right up front.

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