Analog and mixed signal design: Multi-die designs in a package.

As the levels of integration of integrated devices increase, engineers are looking for newer and unique ways to increase the levels of integration at low risk and cost. If the subsystem design to be integrated has widely varying performance, i.e high and low voltages, high and low currents, high and low frequencies etc. then it is not possible to use a single technology to integrate the device. In this case a multidie approach in a package is the best approach. In this technique chips with varying performance are put inside a package and interconnected. The die are fully isolated from each other so the interaction between them is assumed to be minimal ( or designed to be minimal). So an overall subsystem can be integrated inside a package. The advantages here are that a long and costly process of custom chip design can be avoided and varying specifications implemented. In recent years SPG has been doing this type of integration with success. Anyone with interest in this technique is invited to contact SPG through the website located at

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