Analog and RF/wireless ASICs: They do not have to be complex or expensive

We keep reading about the complexity and cost of analog and RF/wireless ASICs. It seems to us that this is not an entirely true picture. Analog and RF /wireless ASICs do not necessarily have to be complex or expensive ( in fact is many cases they are deliberately kept simple ( e.g a LNA ). A matched pair of transistors for high frequency or high accuracy service can be an analog or RF/wireless ASIC. A high frequency LC filter or a high frequency monolithic microwave filter can be a RF/wireless ASIC. A simple 32 bit analog EEROM for trimming references and other circuits can be an ASIC. Customized low noise transistors with a small amount of circuitry can be an analog or rf/wireless ASIC. Fabrication can also be relatively low cost. Please visit the Signal Processing Group Inc., website or contact us to discuss your needs. We are sure we can come up with a relatively low cost solution to your analog and Rf/wireless ASIC or module needs.


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