Analog ASICs: Low cost, low risk, quick turn?

In the world of analog asic design, development and manufacture there are certain trade-offs that are conventional. You can have a low risk design, if you spend a little extra time on the design, you can do a quick turn asic if you are willing to assume a little higher risk and so on. Signal Processing Group Inc, has a technique called the FastChip which allows one to approach the three parameters of design relatively closely for smaller analog chips. The description of the technique is provided in the engineering pages on the SPG website located at Both low and high frequency designs can be accommodated. Interested parties can contact SPG for a list of the types of silicon proven designs available for immediate implementation ( or one can specify what one needs). To provide a frame of reference for performance parameters the following is provided as an estimator: Supply voltage ranges [1.2V to 550V), currents[<10A], frequencies[ DC to < 100 Ghz operating]. To get information on the types of quick turn silicon proven designs available as well as hard numbers on investment, timelines, etc please contact SPG through the website.

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