Ceramic capacitor markings for values, tolerance etc.

Ceramic capacitor marking can be cryptic if one is not a regular user. The following describes the EIA marking codes for ceramic capacitors. The first of the 3 codes is of the form, Z5U; Here Z is the code for minimum temperature. If Z = X then temperature is -55 Deg C, if Y then, -30 Deg C and if Z, then +10 Deg C. The second set of codes are of the form 564K . The first two digits indicate the value of the capacitor in pF. The third digit indicates the number of zeroes after the first two digits. These two actually indicate the value. For example, the above code means that the value of the capacitor is 580000 pF = 0.58 uF. The last indicator is the tolerance code. ┬áC means + or – 0.25pF, D means + or – 0.5pF, F means + or – 1pF, G means + or – 2pF, J means + or – 5%, K means + or – 10%, L means + or – 15%, M means + or – 20%, P means 0% to +100%, W means -20% to +40%, Y means -20% to +50%, Z means -20% to 80%. If the value is less than 10pF then actual tolerance number is used. If the value is greater than 10pF percentage is used. Please visit http://www.signalpro.biz for more information on analog and RF/wireless design and development.

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