Custom enclosures for electronics using 3 – D printing

It is interesting how 3 – D printing is changing the landscape when it comes to enclosures for electronics. Signal Processing Group Inc., has been using SOLIDWORKS to design and model custom enclosures for electronics. Once the enclosure is finalized a step beyond is to make volume copies of the finalized enclosure. An estimate of time it took to design and model a custom enclosure: 3 days. Time it took to print it out on a 3 – D printer: 3 – 8 hours. This allows rapid prototyping and is very cost effective. Please contact Signal Processing Group Inc., if you are interested in designing, modeling and printing enclosures for your electronics using SOLIDWORKS and 3 – D printing.

We design and deliver analog and RF/wireless ASICs and modules using state of the art semiconductor, PCB and assembly technologies. Please contact us at for a quote and a proposal.

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