EEPROM substitute for non volatile ID storage

After having struggled for a fairly significant amount of time to design a circuit to read EEPROMs for storage of IDs for a radio communication system, it suddenly hit us that we did not need to do this. Designing either a hardware circuit to use I2C based EEPROMs or a software equivalent is an experience that we think we would not like to have again if we can avoid it. From datasheets that the designers never have their own people use to involved and intricate operation ( WRITE, READ etc); its a nightmare. On the other hand we came up with a simple way to store IDs with almost trivial ease. Its as they say ” a no brainer”. For design engineers who are fed up with the EEPROM method, we say try this other technique and you will see how easy it is and how CHEAP it is! Contact us from the Signal Processing Group Inc.’s website at for a discussion. You may have to sign a NDA but if you are really serious then this should not be a show stopper.

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