Finite impulse response digital ( FIR ) filters

A very basic primer on FIR filters

As the semiconductor technology line widths grow smaller and smaller, many functions that were implemented with analog techniques have to be designed using digital techniques.

Filtering is one such idea. Digital filters are a natural for fine line technology once the signal has been converted to digital. One of the more popular techniques is FIR filtering.

These filters have some favorable characteristics that make them popular for implementation in SOC technology. A recent book released by Signal Processing Group Inc ( authored by Ain Rehman) describes these types of filters in a succinct and practical manner.

This should allow a practicing engineer ( or a student) to implement FIR filters fairly easily. Click on the image below to get your copy. It is not free to purchase but costs a modest amount and gives much in exchange. Also please visit the Signal Processing Group Inc. website for more info.

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