High voltage IC design considerations

High voltage IC design is, in our opinion, an art. In terms of the implementation of the functions, simulations and layout it is a taxing endeavor. A number of fabrication vendors who offer high voltage technology try to make it as easy as they can, sometimes by providing some IP. In spite of this there are number of issues and challenges that come up, which the designer only learns through experience. When you are designing at voltages in the range of 500V to 700V and at high currents as well, it becomes a real challenge. It helps if the designer understands some of the parameters of the high voltage device, related to its operation. A white paper on this subject is available in the Signal Processing Group Inc., website located at http://www.signalpro.biz in the engineer’s corner. An old adage says ” when you are working with high voltage and specially on the bench, keep your left hand in your pocket!”

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