Logic design as an adjunct to analog/RF/wireless designs

Recent experience on the design of a transmitter/receiver pair at 915 Mhz was instrumental in prompting us to the utility of having a way to design small logic circuits quickly and simply. The peripheral circuits we were designing were small logic circuits using mostly the typical NAND/NOR/D-FF type circuits. In two cases we needed Schmitt triggers too, These were used at the inputs and to mitigate logic noise. CD 4000 was great for us. However the soldering and building of small boards was a tedious activity. I suppose gate arrays, CPLDs and FPGAs were meant to assist in this activity but these need all kinds of learning curves in software and programming. A new and more efficient type of digital device ( programmable) is needed which does not need multiple hours of programming and all kinds of special hardware for its use.

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