RF PCB design tip

RF PCB design is an important part of the RF product design process. There are a large number of issues the PCB layout person has to bear in mind. Here are a couple of more. (1) Have a solid ground backplane under the RF devices. (2) Use vias to connect ground points to this backplane rather than running thin lines to ground points. Vias should be placed so that the ground trace is really short. ( Long thin traces of course make up an inductance. At high frequencies these can cause problems. (3) Power and ground traces should be wide. A 6 mil trace for example can carry almost 150 mA of current but may still behave oddly. A better choice would be 0.3mm or 0.4mm. More on this subject in other posts.Also try to use a common point supply system. i.e do not daisy chain the supply line. Good luck.

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