RF Power Amplifier Design: Maximum Available Gain.

When designing RF power amplifiers with active devices, it is always good to ask what the device is capable of in terms of power gain when everything is matched. i.e If I matched everything what is the maximum gain / performance I could get out of the device. The answer to this question lies in determining the MAG or Maximum Available Gain of the device. Of course, this is a theoretical quantity because it is not possible to get this performance in practice. The MAG then,is the theoretical power gain of a device when its reverse transfer characteristic or admittance/impedance is set to be non existent. In addition, its input and output ports must be conjugate matched with the source and load impedance respectively.Contact Signal Processing Group Inc., for all your RF Power Amplifier questons or needs. Please review RF power amplifier fundamental concepts at http://www.signalpro.biz/rfpa.pdf

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