RF/Analog ASIC design: Simple rule to calculate MOSFET flicker noise.

Last post dealt with MOSFET flicker noise. See:http://www.signalpro.biz/wordpress/analog-asic-design-a-mosfet-flicker-noise-calculator/. The calculator allows the user to calculate the flicker noise of a MOSFET using a relatively simple noise equation. This also leads to a rather simple rule and expression for the calculation of flicker noise. The expression states: rms noise/root Hz = AN/WL. Here W is the width of the MOSFET and L is the length of the MOSFET. AN is constant AN can be calculated by using the calculator. This allows simple calculations for various MOSFETs based on their gate area. The message is clear. If you want a low flicker noise then increase the gate area of the MOSFET. The calculator can be accessed from the Signal Processing Group Inc., website. 

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