ic design rfic design analog asic design analog and rf/wireless asic and module design services

Signal Processing Group Inc,. is a service company for analog and mixed signal integrated circuits and wireless ASICs and modules. We provide the following services as part of our high quality service offerings:

  • Circuit design and capture
  • Circuit simulation ( monolithic and discrete)
  • System analysis using MATLAB, Agilent ADS, Microwave Office, Octave.
  • EM Simulation using ADS MOMENTUM
  • Monolithic layout and layout verification
  • PCB level board layout
  • Monolithic and PCB level evaluation and debugging
  • Test programs and test plans
  • Assembly for monolithic and pcb level design
  • MCM design and layout
  • Applications programming in Windows/C/C++, Javascript, LINUX
  • Select, initiate and manage fabrication for ICs
  • Select, initiate and manage the fabrication of PCBs
  • Select, initiate and manage the fabrication of modules
  • Select, initiate and manage assembly for ICs, PCBs and modules
  • Select, initiate and manage the design and molding for modular products
  • Initiate and manage all standards bodies certifications (FCC, UL etc)
  • Debug monolithic ICs using Focused Ion Beam techniques
  • Debug discrete circuits
  • Do basic research for conceptual level projects