Advanced design system experience with latest 2020 update.

Our thanks to Keysight for letting us “evaluate” the 2020 update of ADS. We found it enormously helpful. The program has grown tremendously since we last used it, and is now a massive accomplishment by its owners, Keysight. We were impressed by the features in the program and its ability to help us simulate and design complex RFMW circuitry very quickly and smoothly. The AEL feature is great also. ( Applications Extension Language). The ability to write equations extends the power of the tool and is quite simple to do once you get used to it. We only have one or two reservations about the tool and these, in a strange way, have to do with its great performance. The program is so extensive that it will take a typical engineer a while to get to grips with it. Also getting technical support is good, but can take time and that may be frustrating. ( This is a consequence of the many users of ADS and the relative number of experts to support it, I assume). Otherwise the program is just great and the ability to evaluate its performance on a real, live project can be exceptionally useful. Please visit our website for more technical info as well as info about Signal Processing Group Inc.

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