Root raised cosine filter

The raised cosine filter is a popular filter in the transmission and reception of digitally modulated signals. It is a class of Nyquist filter and provides a zero Inter-symbol interference ( ISI) property for digital pulses. However, in a usual communication system the combined path must have a raised cosine characteristic to take advantage of the raised cosine filter. In other words, the transmitter and receiver must implement this property. To do this the raised cosine filter is divided into two parts. Half of it is in the transmitter, and the other half is in the receiver. The product of the two halves must implement the raised cosine characteristic. To do this the actual filter characteristic that is implemented in each half of the filter is the root raised cosine filter. This filter response is simply the square root of the raised cosine filter. The complete response from transmitter to receiver will then be the correct response as desired.

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