Thickness of copper for given weight of copper on a PCB

A really fundamental parameter for PCB design is the copper weight to be used and the thickness of that copper. This post simply calls out these parameters for PCB designers who may need these constantly.

The thickness of 1 oz copper is 1.37 mils or 0.0347 mm
To determine the thickness of ( for example) 4 oz simply mutiply 1.37 mils by 4.0 ( or 0.0347 mm by 4.0). In terms of microns the thickness of 1 oz copper is 34.79 microns. 

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1 oz Copper Thickness Conversion *To determine the thickness of 4 oz, simply multiply 1 oz thickness x 4.  1.37 mil x 4 = 5.48 mils = 4 oz 1  oz  1.37  mils (thousandths of an inch)  0.00137  inch  0.0347  mm  34.79  µm (micron/micro mete


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