Using a rework station for surface mount PCB hand assembly

Just a very brief post on a PCB SMD/surface mount assembly technique using a rework station from ATTEN ( a fairly low cost ~ $75.00 piece of equipment). The smallest size for assembly was 0402. The board itself was 0.062 inch thick. The copper was 1 oz on both sides of a two sided FR-4 board.

It was found that if the board was heated slightly by a 30 watt reading lamp the temperature of the hot air blower on the rework station could be set to 384 degrees to get good results. The solder used straightforward solder paste dispensed from a syringe. The hot air blower speed was about 1/4 of maximum.

It took about 3 to 5 seconds for the solder to melt and get pulled by surface tension to the pins being soldered. The solder first spread out a bit and became grayish. Just before it melted very small pinpoints of the paste became shiny.

The distance of the hot air tube was about 0.5 inch to 1 inch from the component and the paste.

The assembly of these SMD components can be done by almost anyone. It just needs about an hours practice, a steady hand and a good eye. A  microscope is a definite plus ( in fact we highly recommend that it should be used. These 10X Р20X scopes can be bought used at reasonable prices ).

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