Wilkinson divider/combiner design

In a significant number of cases in RF and MW design, signals need to be combined or split ( depending on the application). There are a number of techniques to do this. One of the popular ones is the use of the Wilkinson divider. Invented in 1960, when Wilkinson described a device that separated one signal into n equal signals of equal phase and amplitude. The Wilkinson divider has become a popular way to split or combine signals.The device is bilateral and can be used as a splitter or a combiner.

A brief paper that describes the basics of a 2 way Wilkinson divider/combiner, its basic design equations for a starting design ( that may need to be fine tuned further, depending on the application) and its layout are described in a brief paper released by Signal Processing Group Inc. Please visit our website and check under the “Complimentary Items” link.

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