RF Power Amplifier Design: Conjugate matching and load line matching

A power amplifier device is characterized for a maximum operating current and a maximum operating voltage ( also see the safe operating areas of the device). A load line match is simply using the calculation: Vmax ( operating)/Imax(operating). This is the impedance that needs to be matched to if you want maximum performance out of the device. This is referred to in many books as the load line match. See also the paper in this blog on RF power amplifier design for a discussion of the load line. ( Go to www.signalpro.biz, go to complementary menu item, go to more reports, select RF Amp 1 paper), Conjugate match on the other hand refers to matching of the real parts of the generator and load with the reactance tuned out. See the book at :https://www.amazon.com/VSWR-Impedance-matching-techniques-electronic/dp/1490902813 for more details on this and other matching topics.

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