Analog Design:The Howland Circuit

Further to the discussion of V to I converters it seems that the Howland Circuit is a pretty good fit for our needs. It only uses one opamp and some resistors and a few caps ( depending on your application needs) We would recommend this circuit. There is a detailed expose of this block from TI available publicly on the web. For more tech info and info about Signal Processing Group Inc, please visit our website ( under construction) at

A happy new year to all

2019 has dawned with so much promise. Looks like some really interesting conferences coming up too. The CES and the IMS conference in Boston. At SPG we continue our work on RF/Microwave and specialized APPS. Amplifiers, LNAs, mixers, oscillators, detectors, 902-928 filters ( SAW based) etc. Our service business is in full swing and we are not only designing products but also doing measurements, performance verification, testing etc. Our website is finally under construction as we attempt to modify it. Currently 4 books on Impedance matching have been published and are available on Amazon. All books authored by Ain Rehman. More informational products on RF/Microwave and analog hardware and APPS are in the works. Looking forward to your continued custom like years past. Please visit the website at